We consider this a great day at Notinhalloffame.com!

Jerry Kramer, who we currently have ranked #2 on our Football list has been named a Senior Nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This is a long time coming as Kramer has been a multi-time Hall of Fame nominee and is the only man who has been named one of the greatest 50 NFL players of all time not to be enshrined in Canton. Playing his entire career for the Green Bay Packers, Kramer was the anchor of the famed “Packer Sweep” and a member of Green Bay’s first two Super Bowl wins.

Kramer does have some stiff competition as former Houston Oiler, “Dr. Doom” Robert Brazile has also been named a Senior Finalist. Brazile is ranked #14 by us.

This should be an excellent chance for both to enter the Hall as most of the past Senior Finalists were chosen.
We here at Notinhalloffame.com have always been fond of the fact that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has preliminary nominees; so much so that we incorporated that in both our Fictitious Athlete and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As such, we are pleased to bring to you the preliminary nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

All of the first year candidates will be underlined, and the returning Finalists will have an asterisk.

Let’s take a look shall we?


Randall Cunningham: PHI 1985-95, MIN 1997-99, DAL 2000 & BAL 2001. Ranked #45 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Rich Gannon: MIN 1987-92, WAS 1993, KC 1995-98 & OAK 1993-04.

Donovan McNabb: PHI 1999-09, WAS 2010 & MIN 2011. Ranked #35 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Steve McNair: HOU/TEN 1995-05 & BAL 2006-07. Ranked #87 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Phil Simms: NYG 1979-93. Ranked #50 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Running Backs:

Tiki Barber: NYG (1997-06). Ranked #80 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Earnest Byner: CLE 1984-88, WAS 1989-93 & CLE/BAL 1996-97.

Roger Craig: SF 1983-90, LAR 1991 & MIN 1992-93. Ranked #11 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Corey Dillon: CIN 1997-03 & NE 2004-08.

Eddie George: HOU/TEN 1996-03 & DAL 2004.

Edgerrin James: IND 1999-05, AZ 2006-08 & SEA 2009. Ranked #19 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Lorenzo Neal: NO 1993-96, NYJ 1997, TB 1998, TEN 1999-00, CIN 2001-02, SD 2003-07 & BAL 2008.

Fred Taylor: JAX 1998-08 & NE 2009-10.

Herschel Walker: DAL 1986-89, MIN 1989-91, PHI 1992-94, NYG 1995 & DAL 1996-97. Ranked #40 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Ricky Watters: SF 1991-94, PHI 1995-97 & SEA 1998-01. Ranked #49 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Wide Receivers:

*Isaac Bruce: LAR/STL 1994-07 & SF 2008-09. Ranked #18 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Donald Driver: GB 1999-12.

Henry Ellard: LAR 1983-93, WAS 1994-97, NE 1998 & WAS 1998. Ranked #91 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Torry Holt: STL 1998-08, JAX 2009. Ranked #13 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Chad Johnson: CIN 2001-10, NE 2011. Ranked #44 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Randy Moss: MIN 1998-04, OAK 2005-06, NE 2007-10, TEN 2010 & SF 2012. Ranked #3 on Notinhalloffame.com.

*Terrell Owens: SF 1996-03, PHI 2004-05, DAL 2006-08, BUF 2009 & CIN 2010. Ranked #8 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Sterling Sharpe: GB 1988-94. Ranked #47 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Jimmy Smith: DAL 1992-93 & JAX 1995-05. Ranked #96 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Rod Smith: DEN 1995-07. Ranked #59 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Steve Smith: NYG 2007-10, PHI 2011 & STL 2012.

John Taylor: SF 1987-95.

Hines Ward: PIT 1998-11. Ranked #31 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Tight Ends:

Mark Bavaro: NYG 1985-90, CLE 1992 & PHI 1993-94.

Ben Coates: NE 1994-99 & BAL 2000. Ranked #79 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Ferrell Edmunds: MIA 1988-92 & SEA 1993-94.

Jay Novacek: STL/PHX 1985-89 & DAL 1990-96. Ranked #89 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Offensive Linemen:

Willie Anderson (T): CIN 1996-07 & BAL 2008.

Matt Birk (C): MIN 1998-08 & BAL 2009-12. Ranked #67 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Tony Boselli (T): JAX 1995-01 & HOU 2002. Ranked #81 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Lomas Brown (T): DET 1985-95, AZ 1996-98, CLE 1999, NYG 2000-01 & TB 2002.

Ruben Brown (G): BUF 1995-03 & CHI 2004-07.

Ray Donaldson (C): BAL/IND 1980-92, SEA 1993-94 & DAL 1995-96.

Alan Faneca (G): PIT 1998-07, NYJ 2008-09 & AZ 2010. Ranked #4 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Bill Fralic (G/T): ATL 1985-92.

Jay Hilgenberg (C): CHI 1981-91, CLE 1992 & NO 1993. Ranked #71 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Chris Hinton (G/T): BAL/IND 1983-93, ATL 1990-92 & MIN 1994-95. Ranked #104 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Kent Hull (C): BUF 1986-96.

Steve Hutchinson (G): SEA 2001-05, MIN 2006-11 & TEN 2012. Ranked #36 on Notinhalloffame.com.

*Joe Jacoby (T): WAS 1981-93. Ranked #52 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Mike Kenn (T): ATL 1978-94. Ranked #99 on Notinhalloffame.com.

*Kevin Mawae (C/G): SEA 1994-97, NYJ 1998-05 & TEN 2006-09. Ranked #22 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Tom Nalen (C): DEN 1994-08.

Nate Newton (G): DAL 1986-98 & CAR 1999.

Bart Oates (C): NYG 1985-93 & SF 1994-95.

Jeff Saturday (C): IND 1999-11 & GB 2012. Ranked #76 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Richmond Webb (T): MIA 1999-00 & CIN 2001-02.

Steve Wisniewski (G): LAR/OAK 1989-01. Ranked #27 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Defensive Linemen:

La’Roi Glover (DT/NT): NO 1997-01, DAL 2002-05 & STL 2006-08.

Leonard Marshall (DE/DT): NYG 1983-92, NYJ 1993 & WAS 1994.

Keith Millard (DT/NT/DE): MIN 1985-91, SEA 1992, GB 1992 & PHI 1993.

Leslie O’Neal (DE): SD 1986-95, STL 1996-97 & KC 1998-99.

Michael Dean Perry (DT/DE): CLE 1989-94, DEN 1995-97 & KC 1997.

Simeon Rice (DE): AZ 1996-00, TB 2001-06, DEN 2007 & IND 2007.

Richard Seymour (DT): NE 2001-08 & OAK 2009-12. Ranked #48 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Neil Smith (DE): KC 1988-96, DEN 1997-99 & SD 2000.

Greg Townsend (DE/NT/LB): LAR 1983-93, PHI 1994 & OAK 1997.

Kyle Vanden Bosch (DE): AZ 2001-04, TEN 2005-09 & DET 2010-12.

Bryant Young (DT): SF 1994-07


Carl Banks: NYG 1984-92, WAS 1993 & CLE 1994-95.

Cornelius Bennett: BUF 1987-95, ATL 1996-98 & IND 1999-00.

Tedy Bruschi: NE 1996-08.

Seth Joyner: PHI 1986-93, AZ 1994-96, GB 1997 & DEN 1998.

Ray Lewis: BAL 1996-12. Ranked #1 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Greg Lloyd: PIT 1988-97 & CAR 1998. Ranked #88 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Wilber Marshall: CHI 1984-87, WAS 1988-92, HOU 1993, AZ 1994 & NYJ 1995.

Clay Matthews: CLE 1978-93 & ATL 1994-96.

Willie McGinest: NE 1994-05 & CLE 2006-08.

Karl Mecklenburg: DEN 1983-94. Ranked #66 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Sam Mills: NO 1986-94 & CAR 1995-97. Ranked #92 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Joey Porter: PIT 199-06, MIA 2007-09 & AZ 2010-11. Ranked #98 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Darryl Talley: BUF 1983-94, ATL 1995 & MIN 1996.

Zach Thomas: MIA 1996-2007 & DAL 2008.

Brian Urlacher: CHI 2000-12. Ranked #9 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Defensive Backs:

Eric Allen (CB): PHI 1988-94, NO 1995-97 & OAK 1998-01. Ranked #42 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Steve Atwater (S): DEN 1989-98 & NYJ 1999. Ranked #17 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Ronde Barber (CB/S): TB 1997-12. Ranked #15 on Notinhalloffame.com.

LeRoy Butler (S): GB 1990-01. Ranked #83 on Notinhalloffame.com.

*Brian Dawkins (SS): PHI 1996-08 & DEN 2009-11. Ranked #8 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Rodney Harrison (S): SD 1994-02 & NE 2003-08.

*Ty Law (CB): NE 1995-04, NYJ 2005, KC 2006-07, NYJ 2008 & DEN 2009. Ranked #30 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Albert Lewis (CB): KC 1983-93 & LAR/OAK 1994-98.

*John Lynch (S): TB 1993-03 & DEN 2004-07. Ranked #34 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Dennis Smith (S): DEN 1981-94.

Everson Walls (CB): DAL 1981-89, NYG 1990-92 & CLE 1992-93

Darren Woodson (S): DAL 1992-03..

Place Kickers/Punters:

Gary Anderson (K): PIT 1982-94, PHI 1995-96, SF 1997, MIN 1998-02 & TEN 2003-04

Sean Landeta (P): NYG 1985-93, LAR/STL 1993-96, TB 1997, GB 1998, PHI 1999-02, STL 2003-04, PHI 2005 & NYG 2006.

Nick Lowery (K): NE 1978, KC 1980-93 & NYJ 1994-96.

Special Teams:

Brian Mitchell (KR/PR): WAS 1990-99, PHI 2000-02 & NYG 2003.

Steve Tasker (ST): HOU 1985-86 & BUF 1986-97. Ranked #95 on Notinhalloffame.com.


*Don Coryell: STL 1973-77 & SD 1978-86.

Bill Cowher: PIT 1992-06.

Tom Flores: OAK/LAR 1979-87 & SEA 1992-94.

Mike Holmgren: GB 1992-98 & SEA 1999-08.

Jimmy Johnson: DAL 1989-93 & MIA 1996-99.

Chuck Knox: LAR 1973-77, BUF 1978-82, SEA 1983-91 & LAR 1992-94.

Buddy Parker: DET 1951-56 & PIT 1957-64.

Richie Petitbon: WAS 1981-93.

Dan Reeves: DEN 1981-92, NYG 1993-96 & ATL 1997-03

Marty Schottenheimer: CLE 1984-89, KC 1989-98 & WAS 2001.

Clark Shaugnessy: LAR 1978-49 & CHI 1951--62

Dick Vermeil: PHI 1976-82, STL 1997-99 & KC 2001-05.

Please note that we don not rank coaches.

Mild surprise omissions at this stage include Quarterback Drew Bledsoe and Running Back, Shaun Alexander.

Perhaps the biggest head scratcher is that Steve Smith was chosen. We have to wonder if they thought they were voting for the recently retired Steve Smith Sr., who is eligible for Canton in 2022 and has over 14,000 Receiving Yards. This Steve Smith played five years and has 2,641 Receiving Yards.

We are guessing that Smith won’t make the next round.

Jerry Kramer and Robert Brazile have already advanced as Senior Finalists. Bobby Beathard has been announced as the Contributor Finalist

We here at Notinhalloffame.com would like to congratulate those who made it this far and we will be eagerly anticipating those who will advance to the Semi-Finals.
The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced their Finalists for the Class of 2018.

Let’s get right to who they have chosen to make the final round:

Isaac Bruce, Wide Receiver. LAR/STL 1994-07 & SF 2008-09.

Bruce was a pivotal member of the Rams Super Bowl XXXIV “Greatest Show on Turf” team and he is a four time Pro Bowler. His He also led the NFL in Receiving Yards in 1996 and his 15,208 career total puts him 5th overall all-time. This is his second time as a Finalist. Ranked #18 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Tony Boselli, Offensive Tackle. JAX 1995-01 & HOU 2002.

Boselli is arguably the greatest Jaguar of all-time and he was a five time Pro Bowl and three time First Team All Pro Selection. He was named the NFL Alumni Offensive Lineman of the Year in 1998. Boselli is a second time Finalist. Ranked #81 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Brian Dawkins, Safety. PHI 1996-08 & DEN 2009-11.

“Weapon X” was a nine time Pro Bowl and four time First Team All Pro Selection. Dawkins has 1,131 Tackles, 26 Quarterback Sacks and 37 Interceptions over his career. This is his Dawkins’ second year as a Finalist. Ranked #7 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Alan Faneca, Offensive Guard. PIT 1998-07, NYJ 2008-09 & ARI 2010.

Faneca was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL winning team while also going to nine Pro Bowls. Faneca was also chosen for six First Team All Pro rosters. Ranked #4 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Steve Hutchinson, Offensive Guard. SEA 2001-05, MIN 2006-11 &TEN 2012.

Hutchinson is in his first year of eligibility and is a seven time Pro Bowl Selection. He was also a five time First Team All Pro. Ranked #36 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Edgerrin James, Running Back. IND 1999-05, ARI 2006-08 & SEA 2009.

James was a two time Rushing Champion, four time Pro Bowl Selection and one time First Team All-Pro who was the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1999. The Running Back has 12,246 career Rushing Yards, which is good enough for 12th overall. Ranked #19 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Joe Jacoby, Offensive Tackle. WAS 1981-93

Jacoby is a three time Super Bowl Champion with the Washington Redskins and a member of the famed “Hogs”. He is also a four time Pro Bowler who is in his third straight year as a Finalist. Ranked #52 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Ray Lewis, Linebacker. BAL 1996-12.

In his first year of eligibility, Ray Lewis brings a resume featuring two Super Bowl Rings, a Super Bowl MVP, two Defensive Player of the Year Awards, thirteen Pro Bowls and seven First Team All Pro Selections. Lewis had 31 Interceptions with 41.5 Quarterback Sacks over his career. Ranked #1 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Ty Law, Cornerback. NE 1995-04, NYJ 2005, KC 2006-07, NYJ 2008 & DEN 2009.

Law is a three time Super Bowl Champion and a five time Pro Bowl Selection. The Cornerback would twice lead the National Football League in Interceptions. This is his second year as a Hall of Fame Finalist. Ranked #30 on Notinhalloffame.com.

John Lynch, Safety. TAM 1993-03 & DEN 2004-07.

Lynch was a huge part of Tampa’s Super Bowl XXXVII win and he is a nine time Pro Bowler. Lynch was also a two time First Team All Pro. This is the fifth time that Lynch has been a Finalist. Ranked #34 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Kevin Mawae, Center. SEA 1994-97, TEN 1998-05 & TEN 2006-09.

Mawae went to an incredible eight Pro Bowls and made three First Team All Pros. Mawae is a Finalist for the second time. Ranked #22 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Randy Moss, Wide Receiver. MIN 1998-04, OAK 2005-06, NE 2007-10, MIN 2010, TEN 2010 & SF 2012.

This is the first year that Moss is eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A six time Pro Bowl Selection, Moss was also a four time First Team All Pro and would lead the NFL in Touchdown Receptions four times. His 156 Receiving TDs is second all-time and he is also fourth all-time in Receiving Yards with 15,292. Ranked #3 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver. SF 1996-03, PHO 2004-05, DAL 2006-08, BUF 2009 & CIN 2010.

T.O. is a Finalist for the third straight time and he is a six time Pro Bowl and five time First Team All Pro Selection. Owens would lead the NFL in Touchdown Receptions three times and has 153 in his career, which is third all time. He is also second all time in Receiving Yards with 15,934. Ranked #8 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Brian Urlacher, Linebacker. CHI 2000-12.

Urlacher is a Hall of Fame Finalist in his first year of eligibility and he is an eight time Pro Bowl Selection and former Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. Ranked #9 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Everson Walls, Cornerback. Dal 1981-89, NYG 1990-92 & CLE 1992-93.

Walls would win a Super Bowl with the New York Giants but he was a star for nearly a decade with Dallas prior. He was a four time Pro Bowl Selection and three time NFL Interception leader. Noticeably, this is his first time making the Finals after being eligible for twenty years! Unranked on Notinhalloffame.com.

These players join three automatic Finalists who were chosen months ago:

Bobby Beathard

Beathard is this year’s Contributor Nominee. Beathhard has four Super Bowl Rings, two with Miami as the Director of Player Personnel and two with the Redskins as the General Manager.

Robert Brazile, Linebacker. Hou 1975-84.

“Dr. Doom” was the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1975 and was also a seven time Pro Bowl Selection. Ranked #14 on Notinhalloffame.com.

Jerry Kramer, Offensive Guard. GB 1958-68.

The other Senior Candidate, Kramer is a two time Super Bowl Champion and five time NFL Champion. The five time First Team All Pro is the only member of the NFL 75th Anniversary Team not to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ranked #2 on Notinhalloffame.com.

The Class of 2018 will be selected during the Super Bowl Weekend.

You know that we will be watching!
We here at Notinhalloffame.com thought it would be fun to take a look at the major awards in North American team sports and see how it translates into Hall of Fame potential.

Needless to say, different awards in different sports yield hall of fame potential.  In basketball, the team sport with the least amount of players on a roster, the dividend for greatness much higher.  In baseball, it is not as much as a great individual season does not have the same impact.

14. Robert Brazile

Seriously, how can you not want a football player whose nickname was Dr. Doom in the Hall of Fame?  For just that moniker alone we want to build a statue in his honor.  Seriously though, nickname or not, Robert Brazile was one hell of a linebacker.

Almost immediately as a pro, Brazille was used as the anchor of the 3-4 defense.  He was used to rush the Quarterback from the outside, much like Lawrence Taylor did years later.  He was a sure tackler and considered one of the best Linebackers of his era as evidenced by his seven consecutive Pro Bowls and selection to the NFL 1970’s All Decade Team.