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Jordan Cameron

A product of the football factory of USC, Jordan Cameron was a fourth round pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2011.  Originally a Wide Receiver when he played in College, he moved to Tight End in his Senior year, which would see him blossom and it likely allowed him to have a career in the pros.
The son of Professional Wrestler, Road Warrior Animal, James Laurinitis had a good career in the National Football League, predominantly with the St. Louis Rams.  Laurinitis who was a two time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year with the Ohio State Buckeyes, would start all of his 112 Games with the St. Louis Rams.  He would have 100 Tackles or more three times.   

Jake Long

As a former number one draft pick, Jake Long had some serious expectations to live up to.  For the first four years of his career he was doing just that.

Evan Mathis

Evan Mathis would win the Super Bowl with Broncos in the 50th edition of the most watched annual game in sports but it was his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles that warranted him a place on our futures list.  As an Eagle, he was twice chosen for the Pro Bowl and was named a First Team All Pro in 2013 at the Left Guard position.